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From the Desk of Principal

From the Desk of Principal

Welcome to Shri Maan Sant Ishar Singh Ji Maharaj Academy Shri Maan Sant Ishar Singh Ji Maharaj Academy has been completed 3 years successfully. Our constant effort has always been towards quality education, quality thinking, with love care and sensitivity towards the various needs of different stages of childhood. We create such an environment for our children so they feel safe loved, protected and positively charged up whatever they do. If you are planning a year for to sow rice, if you are planning for a decade plant trees, if you are planning for a life time educate people so surely quality of education will determine the destiny of the country. The main aim of education is to prepare good citizen with high, moral character with value because character and value are the crown and glory of any person's life. We are trying to provide an idea, good, social healthy environment to children for their holistic development. We teach our students to focus and making themselves better and should be taught with love and peace on daily basis. We are trying to give the relaxation from tension free life so according to one poet.
When the students confident, they make their aim and accept challenges then they work hard and give preference to their duty then these lines comes in my mind.
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